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Too Small to be Hacked? [Think you are not at risk?]

The Internet is a dangerous, anarchic place, and we always adopt what we believe to be appropriate and effective security precautions for our clients’ system. However, as we are dealing with smaller clients in the 10-200 user space, many of these feel that they are simply too small to be targeted by hackers, and often request lowering of their security settings as they often find them a little cumbersome, and thus reduce ease of use of their systems.

They make this request to lower their security settings because they feel that they are simply too small to be targeted by hackers and that they are not at risk. In our opinion, nothing could be further from the truth!

  • 72% of known hacker breaches impacted business with less than 100 employees.
  • 50% of those small businesses felt they were too small to be hacked. *
  • Nearly 1 million new malware threats are released every day

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The 8 Big Recurring IT Issues For SMEs


As a SME business specialist we have been providing outsourced IT support services to SMEs and growing businesses in APAC since 1996.

Over this time we regularly come across the same, repeated concerns facing SME management. Regardless of business sector, the same challenges continue to crop up.

Here, in priority order, is my list of the 8 biggest issues together with the impacts on the SME management.

How many of the following do you grapple with?

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Is Windows Finally Secure?

We’ve all believed for so long that the Windows operating systems are full of security flaws: – but is this really the case, and more to the point, is it still the case?

With the significant number of security flaws impacting non-windows systems coming to light over the past nine months – a new phenomenon in computing history, I’m prompted to ask this question. General perception has always been that only Windows suffers from security flaws, but I’m not a believer, and would to present here a different perspective for your consideration. Continue reading

Who can access your cloud data?

Somewhat unsurprisingly, The US Justice Department is insisting that Microsoft give them access to email data of a subscriber from Office365 servers physically located in Dublin Ireland. While we don’t know who that subscriber Continue reading


Facebook Down VITAL KEY Communications Disrupted

So we hear that our beloved Facebook had a little problem today and went offline for a whole 30 mins. The end of the world is upon us! Armageddon is around the corner. Oh horror of horrors, I can’t post a picture of my noodle lunch and accompanying nutritious beverage!

But why does a respectable news site (Channel New Asia reporting off the AFP wire) suggest Continue reading

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